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Identity Coaching is designed to help you uncover lies you are believing about your identity.  Each session will equip and empower you with practical tools to be able to know, believe and live the fullness of your TRUE IDENTITY.  

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Past Identity Coaching TESTIMONIES
“This session was life-changing…. LIFE CHANGING!”

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Pastor Sharon

I have been involved in Freedom Ministries at New Creation Church since 2015.  I have pioneered 2 churches with my husband Craig and pastored for over 43 years.

I love people and have a heart to see them walk in their true identity, unencumbered by lies that have come in through trauma, wounding and just living life.

Walking in our true identity doesn’t come overnight.  My journey started about 32 years ago when I read a book by Francis Frangipane entitled “The Three Battlegrounds”.  I saw myself in part of what he described in the book.  My first step was “awareness” that I was in bondage.  Then God graciously brought people, tools and most of all the Holy Spirit’s help to begin my lifelong journey of walking in greater wholeness and freedom. I want to help others and share some of what has helped me.

I think anyone ready to grow and mature into the beautiful and loving person they really are would benefit from Identity Coaching.


I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, hiking and biking.  Maintaining lifelong relationships as well as building new ones.

Please Note: Identity Coaching Sessions are a space of mutual respect.  Please be sure your heart is ready for ministry. In addition, you and the ministry leader each have complete discretion and freedom to end the session at any point should either of you deem it necessary


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