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SOZO ministry is a unique inner healing and wholeness ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with God.

A Sozo Session is not counseling. In a Sozo Session, you will be honored as the Sozo Team facilitates a loving encounter with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to help you in your pursuit of freedom, wholeness and walking out your God-given destiny.

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“I didn’t understand how powerful a Sozo is and can be until I truly experienced it myself. The pictures I saw and the words I heard have given me the courage and healing I needed." 

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Seeing people experience the presence of God is one of my greatest joys in life.  Helping people walk in freedom and wholeness… in their destiny…  is one of my main goals.  It has been my privilege to experience both these things for many years as I have worked in various places of ministry since I was just a young girl.  My professional life includes graduating with a degree in Communications and Pre-law, being a reporter and DJ on the radio, a storm-chaser and event planner and property manager.


Like everyone on the planet, I have walked through my share of hard times.  Mine include:  abuse, a failed marriage, severe relationship breaks, church hurt, traumatic deaths.  Even in the best of families and circumstances, we cannot walk this earth unscathed.  BUT God.  He has overcome the world.  He took all our punishment on Himself.  He took all our pain, shame, trauma, sin and death so we could LIVE.  The work is already done.  We just have to say yes and let Him take the grave clothes off.  We have to let Him show us how to live in the reality of full redemption.  

Besides worship and Inner Healing/Deliverance/Coaching Ministries, I love to spend time with my family.  I love to travel and explore other cultures.  I love to hang with my friends, growing and having lots of fun.  I have a blended family which includes an amazing husband and 5 children and 1 grandchild.  I am blessed! And so are you!

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My name is Carol Ann Pollish. I have been involved with Sozo ministry at New Creation Church since inception in 2015. We are in a relationship with Bethel Church in Redding and are included on their reference list for Sozo ministry. 


My introduction to inner healing began after multiple trips to Toronto during The Father’s Blessing and to Elijah House with John and Paula Sanford. I have been on Dream Teams internationally and locally and was involved with John Paul Jackson ministries where we interpreted dreams as a form of prophetic evangelism. I’ve been fortunate to sit under many streams of  prophetic ministry which have deepened and enriched my understanding. 


My passion is to see people become whole in spirit, soul and body. Personal experience in my healing journey and my work as a personal trainer enable me to see the “whole” person. I love to ski, hike, paint, sing, dance and spend time with my two adult children and grandson. I live with my husband and two Bulldogs.


Sozo is for everyone because it brings you closer to God in all parts of the Trinity. God has a personal knowledge of each of us and has a language that is unique which speaks to our hearts. It is an honor to sit in a Sozo session with people who are looking for a more intimate relationship with God.


I always pray and ask the Lord for the person’s language being ministered to so they would understand me. The reference for this is found in Acts on the day of Pentecost where the Holy Ghost fell and the disciples spoke with other tongues and every man heard in their own language.

Please Note: SOZO Sessions are a space of mutual respect.  Please be sure your heart is ready for ministry. In addition, you and the ministry leader each have complete discretion and freedom to end the session at any point should either of you deem it necessary.


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