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What is New Creation Sozo Ministry?

Sozo is Greek for ‘saved, healed, delivered and made whole.”

New Creation Sozo Ministry is the “NCC Version” of Bethel Sozo. We follow the Holy Spirit to identify wounding, lies, bondage, demonization, and strongholds that keep God’s kids from walking in the abundance of life Jesus provides for them. Our sozo leaders are trained and experienced in the Bethel Basic and Advanced Sozo ministry. We seek to facilitate a living, life changing encounter between each sozo guest and the Lord.


What kind of ministry can I expect from New Creation Sozo?

This ministry is a wholeness ministry. This ministry is provided by trained and equipped members of New Creation Church who are skilled in following the Holy Spirit. This ministry is provided to anyone who is seeking greater freedom in Christ. This ministry seeks to facilitate encounters with the Holy Spirit who provides spiritual freedom, wholeness, inner healing and strength to the inner man. You can expect to be treated with love and respect in your New Creation Sozo ministry session. Your session will be kept confidential, although we encourage the Sozo guest to give testimony and share their experience with others.


What do I need to do before submitting a Sozo Request Form?

We require you to watch the 4 Freedom Basics Videos before you submit a Sozo Request Form. You can do so by going to


How long does it take to get an appointment?  

Our goal is to provide timely ministry. However, we rely upon trained and equipped volunteers to provide this ministry. Your availability will play a large role in this as well. Our volunteers strive to be flexible.  We will assign you to a ministry team (minimum of two people) that can meet with you as soon as possible after completing the ministry request form. However, the waiting time may vary from a few days to several weeks. After receiving your Request for Sozo ministry form, your name is placed on the waiting list. You will be contacted approximately one week before your session is scheduled. Please be patient and pray for the Sozo team that will minister to you. Pray also that you will have a life changing encounter with the Lord during your Sozo session. If you have been in the queue for some time and wish find out where you are, please feel free to call the Sozo ministry admin in the church office.

Keep in mind that we are working with trained volunteers. You will need to fit yourself into the time schedules that are offered. You will be offered up to 3 opportunities for a Sozo. If you are unable to accept one of these 3 times, you will be sent a Re-apply letter letting you know that your name has been removed from the active queue. This means that you will need to re-apply when your availability window has expanded to fit into the scheduling that is offered by our volunteers.

Please note that failure to keep an appointment scheduled will result in removal from the queue. You will have to reapply for another appointment. If you will be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, please call the church (801) 272-2207 to let the sozo admin know. If you are more than 15 minutes late and you do not give us prior notice, your appointment may be cancelled and your name removed from the active queue.


What can I expect during a ministry appointment?

You can expect to be treated with love and respect regardless of the problem or issue you need help with. You can expect our volunteer team to keep your information confidential. Each team will complete a ministry summary form to be reviewed by the New Creation administrator or ministry pastor. This is done for accountability and to determine training and team development strategies. You can expect that your ministry team will make every effort to facilitate a healing encounter between you and the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to see every child of God who comes to us walk away refreshed, strengthened and rejoicing in the Lord.

Each ministry appointment can be unique, depending on the issues to be dealt with. Generally speaking, the ministry team leader will ask questions of you and ask you to pray out loud.

  • You are free to stop the session at any time.

  • You are free to decline to answer any question.

  • The ministry team leader is also free to end the session at any time for any reason.

There are several ministry approaches or sometimes called ‘ministry tools’ the team leader may choose to pursue.

You may be asked to renounce lies you have believed, break “agreements with darkness,” or repent or (turn away from) something as the Holy Spirit leads. Other prayers of affirmation, declaration and establishing the authority of Christ in your life may be used. Prayers for cleansing, restoration, and deliverance are commonly used.


How many sessions will I need?

That depends on too many factors beyond our control. Generally speaking a sozo session will last from one to two hours. Many believers give testimony of greater freedom in just one session. Since we cannot control your will and desire to yield freely to the Holy Spirit, we cannot guarantee results. Remember, His grace is sufficient for you.

One thing we can state plainly: Everyone who encounters Jesus walks away changed. The change, whether good or not, depends on your willingness to “deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him.” That requires an act of your will and ‘setting of your heart’ to diligently seek Him, to know Him and follow Him. The Lord delights in manifesting Himself to His children and destroying the works of the devil. When you encounter the Living Truth, you will be set free. You may be given post-prayer instructions on how to maintain your freedom and continue your journey to deeper and deeper intimacy with Christ. Sozo does not provide ongoing pastoral care or support group services.


What kinds of issues are dealt with in New Creation Sozo ministry?

Any issue that keeps the believer from enjoying life in the Kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. A partial list of issues includes:

  • Depression, anxiety, fear, irritation, anger, frustration, self-hatred, self-destructive thoughts and behaviors (cutting on self, desire to die or commit suicide, etc.,) low self-esteem, tormenting thoughts, wrong or false identity, confusion, powerless/trapped feelings, shame, guilt and defilement.

The list goes on and on…

CAUTION: If you are taking prescribed medications or over the counter drugs or holistic treatments for any of these issues, please be advised that you should continue taking your medication until you can consult your doctor or health advisor. Certain prescribed medications cannot be stopped “cold turkey” without possible negative and even dangerous side-effects.


What kinds of issues do you not deal with in New Creation Sozo ministry?

We do not do alcohol or drug interventions. We do not provide psychological services, therapies or diagnosis. We do not make “house calls.” We do not provide on-going counseling, support groups or response to “emergency” issues. We are not qualified to advise you regarding your prescribed medications, medical therapies and treatments. Sozo is not a counseling ministry.


How much does a session cost?

We do not attach any fees to our ministry sessions, but we encourage you to pray about making a donation to the ministry (suggested donation amount is $75). The Lord’s word teaches us that “the workman is worthy of his hire.” It is a matter of honoring those who serve you. If you want tax credit for your donation, you must make your check out to New Creation Church “NCC Sozo.” We do accept donations via credit card. Often Sozo volunteers make great personal sacrifices to help you find freedom in Christ. We normally share a portion of donations with the Sozo team members who serve you. The balance is used for ministry expenses. We will minister to anyone whether or not a donation is made. Please pray about it and give as the Lord leads.


How do I become a New Creation team member?

New Creation team members are selected from New Creation Church members who volunteer to be trained and equipped in this ministry. An application form can be obtained from the New Creation administrator.  Volunteers selected for training and development will serve on a New Creation Sozo team as a 2nd or 3rd member of the team as prayer partner. Interns sit next to the team leader and may provide comments or prayers during the session, as the sozo leader requests. Team leaders are selected from those who have served in a number of Sozo sessions and have demonstrated the ability to listen to the Holy Spirit and follow Him in the ministry. You must be a member of New Creation Church for at least six months before applying to be on a New Creation Sozo team. All Sozo team members are trained to maintain confidentiality. We conduct background checks on all team members.


If I don’t attend NCC, can I still be included in the training?

Yes, you may be included in our basic New Creation (Bethel) Sozo training. Just leave your contact information with the administrator and you will be informed of the training schedule. The New Creation Ministry Pastor, Sharon McCune, may be contacted to discuss conducting basic training in your church.

What if I don’t like the results of my New Creation Sozo session?

You may contact the New Creation Ministry Pastor, Pastor Sharon McCune, with any issue regarding this ministry.

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