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30 day shred

Join NCC in a church-wide Bible Reading Challenge Starting January 1st 2024. We will be reading the Bible together in 30 Days..


Yes, you read that correctly – The WHOLE Bible in ONE MONTH. Are you up for the challenge?


The 30 Day Shred is a Big-picture view of The Bible that will not only help deepen your desire for God’s word, but it will allow you to narrow your focus, and set aside anything unnecessary to prioritize the most important things in your daily life. 

Start 2024 off immersing yourself in God’s Word. 

Lay a foundation for consistent personal Bible study throughout the whole year.

Increase your hunger for The Word of God.


Simplify your daily routine to prioritize what’s most important.

Get a bird’s eye view of the whole story and God’s plan for Humanity.

Engage in accountability and community with your church family. 


Pick up your 30 Day Shred Bookmark this Sunday in the main foyer or download the digital version below. 

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Why are we doing this? Why such an intense reading plan?

  • Reading the same sections of scripture together with our church family members will create accountability and community. 

  • Daily Bible reading will increase our appetite for more of the Word of God, therefore strengthening both the individual believer and the church body as a whole.

  • This is a challenge and will require a sacrifice or some kind of fast during the 30 day reading plan. It is an opportunity to set aside anything in our daily routine that isn’t absolutely necessary. 

How can I fit this into my already busy schedule? I am concerned I wont have time. 

  • The 30 Day Shred can average about 45 chapters of reading per day, which for the average person may be 2-3 hours of reading. It may help to write out your daily schedule and see where there are any gaps that you can fill with The Word. For example: Try reading 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour on your lunch break, and 1 hour before bed. 

  • This reading plan may require pausing something that normally consumes your time; (Going to the gym, listening to podcasts, watching a movie or series) and instead, filling that time with reading or listening to the Bible. 

  • We will be sharing tips on social media for getting through the daily ready quickly. One tip is to listen to the Bible at at increased speed setting such as 1.5x or 2x the speed. 

I am used to more of an in-depth study of the Bible, how will I get anything out of this reading through it so fast? 

  • Think of this reading plan as if we were looking at a whole tree rather than examining an individual leaf.

  • We’re getting a big-picture view of Gods story for humanity. Key patterns and themes will become easier to identify to go back to later for a more in-depth look.

  • Getting in The Word on a daily basis has benefits no matter what, this approach is about adjusting our focus and consuming large amounts of God’s word. 

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